To experience the ultimate freedom BE and Know YOURSELF

Osho meditation center International ....shares daily Osho dynamic. Kundalini  & WHITE ROBE

1.US:- @Jwala OMC 

 Location: 14150 GABRIELLE  WAY  CENTREVILLE  VA 20121

CONTACT: 1-703-625-6746(Osho), SW YOGA Prabhat

1. Osho Dynamic (5am-7am)

2. Osho Kundalini Meditation (4 -6 PM ) & Osho discourse or just white robe with Osho

depending on participants in us. Canada & India

2.CANADA:- @ Osho Utsav Meditation Center

Sw Dhyan Sukhminder:- 647-234-2516

47 Pali Drive; Brampton Ontario, CA

All are invited to join to experiment and experience Meditation ...Yes ...

Meditation to BE BUDDHAS in every place and every activity to Change this earth into Lotus Paradise


This Osho Meditation Center is to create THE NEW MAN 

and will remain open 24/7 ...THERE WILL BE A SANYASIN MEDITATING

THIS INVITATION IS TO WHOLE EXISTENCE   Come to be in meditation ... to BE BUDDHAS in every place and every activity to Change this earth into Lotus Paradise

There is a 3-day meditation camp from July 27th - July 29th. 2018 by Sw Ram Bilas Bharti please join.

Sw ATMO NINAD :- +91 99833 36746

Sw Nisang Teerth;-+91 98395 01228        

Sw Antar Dinesh +9187656 66600                                         

Sw Satya Subodh :- +91 95321 00279

Sw Dhyana Narayan: +91 95653 58155

Sw Yoga Prabhat 703-625-6746.

Sw  Anand Anurag   +91 94550 86371 

4:-Lucknow Osho Meditation Center:-21/214 Indira Nagar Lucknow 226016

References: a unique place for meditation on this planet (daily Meditations 6:00 AM To 10:00 PM) to read, listen, & share some of 650 books of Osho.;


​​Donations For construction, Maintenance, and Management of Osho meditation centers in the USA, Canada, and India will be highly appreciated FROM participants.

1. osho Dynanic 6-7 AM

2. Osho Kundalini 4-5 PM

3. Osho Evening Meeting 6:45 --8:30 PM

                                                     Experiments to experience Meditation

                                               @OshoPrabhuKripal Ashram (OPKA}

                 Village: ALGATPUR; ​PO : GHAGHASARA Bazar ; District: GORAKHPUR,  273209 , UP
           Now Osho Dynamic, Kundalini & Evening Meetings are offered daily

 OPKA has its sister branch in US @14150 Gabrielle Way. Centreville. VA 20121


गोरखनाथ  को  विश्वानाथ की एक अनुपम भेट

 A DREAM                                                                                    


Designed by SW Nisang Teerth ----->>>> 919839501228

  •   [This Osho Meditation place is 15miles from गोरखपुर [Gorakhnath]  UP.  IT opened on Dec 22,  2016;  It is 65m from Lumbini[ लुम्बिनि़, the birthplace of Buddha]; 5 miles from Maghar, [ कबीर]; 100 miles from Sravasti, where Buddha spent 24 years in Jethban offered by Suddath Anathpindak; It is about 45miles from  [ कुशीनगर ]  
  • An OSHO's  DREAM Location:-- Village: Algatpur;   PO: Ghaghasara Bazar;  273209, UP ]
  • Contact: SW Dhyana Narayan +91 95653 58155

   Osho Om Arihantam, Siddham, Acharyam, Upadhyayam, Sabbey Loya Sadhunam Saranam, Pawajjami Osho 

Osho  Saranam, Gachhami ;           Sangham,  Saranam , Gachhami ;                 Dhammam, Saranam  Gachhami